Rot to Revival at the Hall

Repaired, not left to decay

It's not too late to save the hall.
Repair and refurbishment can reverse the dilapidation making it fit for the 21st century. There should be plenty more years of enjoyment left in this iconic building.

Without regular upkeep, materials degrade, systems fail, and structural integrity diminishes, leading to decay, instability, and ultimately, abandonment or demolition.

Promote, and prosper

By promoting the hall it can bring in revenue to fund planned, regular maintenance, and build a sinking fund for the irregular and unexpected.

Cleaning off and preventing moss and lichen not only improves the appearance, it can prevent damage. Repairing or replacing roof covering, gutters and flashings helps keep the building dry and free from rot.

Welcoming for all

Easier booking and more usable spaces. Facilities for businesses and commercial users. Better access to the infirm, disabled, and disadvantaged.

Online booking and access to smaller meeting rooms without passing through the main hall, makes sense.
Off-road drop-off or parking for the disabled, makes sense.
Clear paths and access ramps for wheelchairs and mobility scooters, makes sense.

Community, taking the lead

Run by the community, for the community, as the Duke would surely have approved of today.
A modern community centre, wrapped in a century old facade, ready to provide for all who need it.

Updating the current facilities, and looking ahead to provide what the community needs, when it needs it. Responsive to cultural change and respectful of history.